Emptying the Basket

Routine maintenance, including pool repairs and pool cleaning, are extremely important for your pool. Proper maintenance is necessary for the longevity of your pool, as well as the ability to properly enjoy your pool.

Emptying the skimmer and pump basket in your pool is a very important part of maintaining your pool. The skimmer and filters must be cleaned and changed regularly to ensure a clean swimming area.

If the baskets are not emptied often enough or properly, the entire pump system is affected. If the filters are not maintained, the pumps will slow and eventually wear out. Clear baskets are necessary to prevent restricted water flow.

Emptying Baskets Is More Complicated Than You Might Think

Emptying the baskets sounds like an uncomplicated task, but it is actually more involved than you might think. Aside from the obvious dumping out debris that the pump filters out of your pool, there is a proper method of emptying the basket.

Everything in your pool is connected. Emptying the skimmer and pump basket in your pool is more than just emptying a basket because the basket and filter are connected to the pumps as well. To empty the skimmer and pump baskets requires a little extra time and know-how.

To start, the pumps actually need to be turned off, the skimmer and main valves turned off as well, and the pump lid removed. It then needs to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any potential repairs. The pump lid and fasteners need to be checked and replaced in just the right way.

If any debris should get stuck in the pump, or if the fastener should crack or become dry, it can cause problems. So you need to be able to recognize this and have special lubrication on hand or replacement parts when needed. Debris getting caught in the pump can cause your pump to suck air. If this happens and is not corrected, it could affect your entire pool circulation system.

Routine Pool Service Could Solve These Issues

Using a professional pool service, such as Hersey Pool Service, eliminates not only the labor, but the guess work. With weekly professional pool maintenance, your skimmer and pump baskets can be emptied weekly.

Our pool maintenance professionals will be able to properly empty your pool skimmer and pump baskets, as well as inspect parts for possible damage. They will also be able to make sure the different parts and fasteners of the pump and baskets are working properly and maintain them. Proper maintenance by a professional can ensure the longevity of your pool, and help you enjoy and relax in your pool instead of worrying.

While emptying pool skimmer and pump baskets may sound like the easiest of tasks, it is important to the longevity of your pool equipment for it to be done properly. Just like the balancing of the chemicals and pump maintenance, there is a right way and a wrong way to take care of it. Something as simple as forgetting to empty the baskets, or not recognizing a potential fastener malfunction can affect your entire system. A professional pool service such as Hersey Pool Service in Jacksonville FL can provide you with reliable weekly service to ensure proper pool maintenance.

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