Pool Repair Services: Leak Detection and Repair

Jacksonville Swimming Pool RepairWhen you are ready for a nice relaxing day in your pool, the last thing you want to deal with is finding and repairing a leak. Pools lose water constantly from evaporation as well as playing and splashing, but when you notice that you have to pump in more and more water to keep up with water loss, you might be dealing with a leak.

Even the smallest leak can be responsible for hundreds of gallons of water loss. Water loss like this is a pain to replenish, not to mention expensive. A tiny leak could really cost you if not found and repaired quickly.

Not only does it not take much to create a large amount of water loss, but a tiny leak can very quickly grow into a huge problem. Leak detection and repair needs to be done without delay to prevent any further damage to your pool and your water bill.

Can I find and repair a leak myself?

Yes, you could potentially find a repair a leak yourself. There are many methods of doing so, but your biggest problem is how quickly and efficiently you can do it.

As far as leak detection, even if you have found the biggest culprit for your leak already, there may be more. Just because you found one leak doesn’t mean you are finished. You will need to be very thorough and check over every inch of your pool to ensure that there are no more leaks.

If the leak is in the pool itself, such as in the shell or lining of the pool, you can sometimes pinpoint the location of the leak(s) by using dye. This dye is added near where you suspect a leak to be, and the movement of the color helps confirm your suspicions. Tears in pool lining, cracks in the tile or plaster, and in and around the skimmer are common areas for surface leaks.

Your leak could be anywhere in your pool or pump system. You will need to inspect your pump system, including all pipes and valves, for anything that might cause a leak. Something as small as a loosened valve can cause a leak, or it could also be a blockage in your suction lines that is causing the problem.

Intensive knowledge of your entire pool system’s schematics and how everything works is extremely useful, which is why it is often best to hire a professional right away.

How can a pool professional help me?

In most cases, it is best to call a pool professional right away. While many leaks may be superficial and easily patched or corrected, you want to ensure that you locate all leaks and repair them properly.

A pool professional, such as the swimming pool professionals at Hersey Pool Service in Jacksonville, will be able to properly and thoroughly inspect your pool and pool equipment for leaks or areas of weakness. With their intimate knowledge of pool schematics, it will be much easier for them to locate the problem and fix it. Repairs, as well, are best done by a pool professional as they will have the equipment and experience to repair the problem effectively.

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