Pool Repair: Timers

Pool Repair Jacksonville FLTimers are a great way to control when your pool system is running. With a pool timer, you can set your pool to filter and clean when the pool is not being used or when you are not home. Using a pool timer is a convenient way to make sure your pool system is running on a routine basis so you do not forget, and is also a great way to save time and money.

Save Energy, Save Money

Using a timer for your pool is a great way to cut down on your energy use and subsequently lower your energy bills. Using a timer can guarantee that your pool system will run for only a specific time and then automatically shut off. So you can avoid not only forgetting to run your system regularly, but also avoid leaving the system on which can cause unnecessary wear and tear and run up your energy bills.

Piece of Mind

Being able to set a timer to perform routine pool functions can give you some much needed piece of mind. Taking care of a pool can be a hefty project that requires a daily routine.

Using a timer for your pump, heater, lights, or any other functions can save you a lot of time and worry. You don’t have to worry about running the pump and filter every day yourself; you can set a timer to remember for you.

With a timer you don’t have to worry about stepping into a freezing cold pool, because you can set the timer to turn on the heater for you.

For almost every function of your pool, you can set a timer.

Timer Functions

You can set a timer to do a lot for you. You can set a timer to start basically any of your pool functions.

* Set a timer to run the filtration system at night when no one is using the pool.
* Set a timer to start your water heater in the morning before anyone comes out to use the pool.
* Set a timer to run the pump when you aren’t going to be home.
* Set a timer to turn on any lights in your pool or surrounding area at a specific time.

Types of Timers

There are many types of timers. Some are specific to one function, such as the pump. Some timers can handle multiple functions.

There are timers that are activated by a time that you set yourself, and others that are activated by sunlight.

There are watertight covers and boxes to keep your timers safe, and each timer has its own specific needs as far as maintenance and repairs.

Timers are great, efficient, and time saving devices. If your timer goes out or malfunctions, however, you might need a professional to help you repair, replace, or reset it. A pool service professional such as Hersey Pool Service in Jacksonville FL will be able to help you install, calibrate, set, and maintain your timer as well as the rest of your pool maintenance needs properly.

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