Professional Services for Summer Pool Maintenance

Water Testing swimming pool Jacksonville FLSummertime is the time for splashing, swimming, and relaxing poolside with drinks that have little umbrellas.

Of course, you want your pool to be shining, comfortable, and crystal clear. It’s doubtful that anyone wants to swim around or lounge next to a dirty, smelly, dingy pool.

To keep your pool looking clean and clear, there are many tasks that should be performed daily or weekly. These tasks are routine maintenance that must be completed otherwise you might find yourself not enjoying your time by the pool after all.

Water Balancing

To keep your pool water safe and sanitary, as well as clear, it is important to keep the proper balance of chemicals. In the summertime, especially if it is very hot or if there are a lot of people swimming at your pool, it is recommended that you “shock” your pool once a week. This helps kill off germs and keeps a nice balance of chlorine throughout the week.

Water balancing can be a tricky business, however. Too much chemicals can bother your nose, skin, and eyes. Too few chemicals won’t properly clean and disinfect your pool water.


Depending on the location of your pool and how many people are regularly swimming there, pool skimming should be completed daily. Sometimes, if there are many trees nearby or if it is a particularly windy day, you might want to skim your pool more often. Keep an eye on the surface of your pool and make sure to skim whenever there is a buildup of debris in the pool water.

Filter Cleaning

Skimming helps to keep too much debris out of your pool so it doesn’t clog the filters, but your filters still need to be cleaned often. Usually you want to clean and check your filters at least weekly, but if your pool is seeing a lot of use or there tends to be a lot of debris nearby, you may want to do so more often.

If the filters are not cared for properly, it can affect the overall function of your pool, especially the pump. When filters become clogged, they cannot suck properly, which can lead to some major wear and tear on your filters and the pump itself. Costly repairs could be the result of ignoring this important chore.

Tile Scrubbing

Tile scrubbing is a chore that no one really enjoys, but it must be done. To prevent calcium buildup and keep your pool looking nice, the tiles in and around your pool need to be scrubbed and removed of buildup and deposits.

Pump Running and Maintenance

Making sure that you run your pump a certain amount of hours each day is important for the life and look of your pool. To keep it clean and properly circulating, you need to run it regularly, up to eight hours or more depending on how much use your pool gets. The pump, being perhaps the most important part of your pool setup, also needs to be inspected regularly. Any maintenance or repairs that are needed should be completed quickly and properly.

As you can see, maintaining a pool during the summer can be a lot of work. You don’t have to take time out of your poolside lounging or fun and games, however, to get it all done. A professional pool service can do all of these tasks and more, ensuring that your pool upkeep is being done regularly and effectively so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Call Hersey Pool Service in Jacksonville FL today and we will take care of that pesky summer maintenance for you!

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