Protect Your Pool From Freezing Temps

What To Do About FreezingWhat To Do About Freezing

Now that the weather has changed and the cold has moved in, it can only mean one thing– Winter is coming, and it is time to winterize your pool. One of the biggest reasons why winterizing your pool is important is because of the significant damage that can be caused by freezing water. Not properly winterizing your pool could have costly results.

The Shell

The very shell of your pool is at risk to some pretty major damage if the water in your pool freezes. When water freezes it expands, which causes significant force against the walls of your pool. This force can make the walls crack and ultimately ruin the shell of your pool.

For this reason, part of the winterization process includes lowering the water level down below the mouth of the pool skimmer. You do not want to completely drain the pool, however. If the pool is empty when a freeze occurs, it could cause damage that is just as bad or worse than the walls cracking. If the soil underneath the pool freezes and expands, it could literally dislodge your pool out of the ground. Keeping water in the pool allows there to be enough weight to avoid this.

The Pipes

Any pipes or hoses will need to be drained and put away for the winter. When hoses are left with water in them, that water expands and the hose will split and burst. The same thing could happen to pipes as well. So depending on what pool equipment you have, you need to make sure that everything is drained completely.

The Pump

This goes for all of the parts to your pump system as well. A good pool pump is not cheap, and so to preserve the life of your pool equipment you need to care for it properly year round. As you are closing up for the winter, you need to drain and clean your pump before you put it away for the season.

The Filters

Your filter is an integral part of your pool’s circulatory system. Cleaning and flushing out your filters is an important part of winterizing your pool. Once this is done, you will also remove the filter baskets and put them away for the season.

Assorted Parts

As you are cleaning everything and putting things away for the season, don’t forget those small pieces. If your pool has jets, for example, you will want to remove all of the jet fittings. If your pool has a heater, you will want to drain it completely and dry it out. Remove all of the pieces of the heater, such as the plugs and fasteners, and store them with the heater.

Winterizing your pool can be a hassle, but it is an important part of your yearly pool maintenance. Proper winterization can save your pool and equipment from the dangers of freezing water. Avoid the destruction of freezing water this winter, call Hersey Pool Service in Jacksonville FL for questions or for help winterizing your pool this season.

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