Same-Day Visits Each Week

Cleaning and performing maintenance on your home swimming pool and spa should be a priority. You should consider it something you do every week just like your household chores, yard work and laundry. But many times, you just don’t have the time to dedicate to your pool, particularly in the winter and other times when it is barely ever used. For this reason, you should hire a pool cleaning service that will come by every week for basic cleaning and repair services. This allows you to go about your life without worrying about cleaning your pool.

Why You Need Weekly Pool Cleaning

Your swimming pool gets dirty, regardless of it being covered or not. If it isn’t covered, dirt, debris, leaves and other stuff floating around eventually ends up in the pool. Some of it sinks to the surface, clogging your pool filters and baskets. If your pool is covered, you will still have algae, mildew and bacteria since it isn’t being brushed at all. By cleaning your pool weekly, all of this and more is taken care of for you. Another reason to get weekly pool cleaning is because if you don’t, you will need to get more serious repair work later on.

Services Offered Weekly

When you hire a professional pool cleaning service, they are doing more than keeping your pool clean. Some of the common services include skimming the surface, empting baskets, testing the water, checking the chemicals, brushing the pool, vacuuming it when needed, cleaning the pool tiles, checking your equipment, cleaning out the filter as needed and performing basic repair work when someone isn’t working properly. As you can see, they aren’t just cleaning your pool, but making sure it is in working order and balanced properly.

The Benefits of Same-Day Visits Each Week

Why choose same-day visits each week? For convenience mostly. If you know exactly when the pool service company will be showing up, you know when to expect them. Try to schedule a day every week when you know you won’t be using the pool or even in the vicinity. The middle of the week is a good time, because everyone is at work or school and the pool isn’t currently being used. This really helps you know when to expect the pool to be cleaned out. Of course, you can always change the day if you find the one you originally chose isn’t working out.

How to Save Money on Pool Cleaning

If you’re concerned about paying a pool cleaning service every week, there are ways to save money on the services. One thing you can do is do the more basic cleaning things yourself, like skimming the service, cleaning tiles, brushing the pool and even emptying out baskets. Then all you need to pay the service for is checking water levels, adding chemicals and performing maintenance every month or so.

Same-day visits each week for pool cleaning services is going to make it easier for you and your family. Consider choosing this option and looking for a professional pool cleaning company offering it.

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