Swimming Pool Decks

Pressure Washing of Swimming Pool Decks

Unfortunately, swimming pools can be very difficult to maintain. They often build up algae, dirt, and many other types of bacteria. This bacteria can be a very serious concern and it poses a health risk to anyone that is in or around the swimming pool. Luckily, there are quick and efficient methods that you can use to clean up the pool and the area around the pool. For instance, if you want to clean swimming pool decks, pressure washing is a very efficient way to do that. The power of a pressure washer is incredibly strong and it has many different settings, allowing you to customize the machine for the task at hand. Using the pressure washer and a proper cleaning solution, you can get rid of this build up around the pool and you can clean the area from any dirt, algae, or other bacteria. This type of cleaning technique also saves energy, time, and money. Pressure washers are easy to use, they are inexpensive, and they get the job done quickly. As a pool service provider, pressure washing is our go-to solution.

Ensure that the pressure washer is on a suitable setting

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that the pressure washer is on a suitable setting for the job. When you are cleaning swimming pool decks, you want to make sure that the pressure washer is on a setting that is safe and not over-pressurized. If you have the pressure washer set to a setting that is too high, you could start to peel away the wood on the deck and it can literally strip any paint or stain directly off of the deck’s exterior.

If cleaning the pool, ensure that the pool is drained

The pool must be drained in order to properly pressure wash the area.

Remove any accessories or items on the deck

You want to make sure that you have a clean environment and that there is nothing in your way while you are pressure washing. You should remove any accessories or items that are on the deck.

Use a washing solution with the pressure washer

It’s very important to incorporate a washing solution with the pressure washer. Often times, water is not enough in order to properly clean the area and get rid of all bacteria.

Angle at 90° and gently clean the deck

Angling the pressure washer at 90° will allow you to push bacteria away from the pressure washer and it will ensure that you do not miss any spots. It’s also important to be gentle while you are cleaning, to ensure that you do not damage the swimming pool deck.

Let the mixture sit and then spray with water

After cleaning the deck, you should let the soapy mixture sit and soak in on the deck and the concrete. You can then spray it off with water about 10 minutes later.

These are some of the things that we keep in mind when we are cleaning swimming pool decks. If you want to clean your own deck or if you want to know what our process is, the steps above should be very handy.

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