Water Testing

Of all of the swimming pool cleaning duties, water testing is perhaps the most important. Testing and properly balancing the chemicals in your pool water is essential.

Why Is Water Testing So Important?

Testing and proper balancing of your pool water is important not just for sanitation, but also for safety and the longevity of your pool.

Too little chemicals in your water can mean that your swimming pool may become unsanitary. Most pools depend on chlorine for sanitation. Testing for the proper chemical levels in your pool helps to reduce microorganisms and pathogens in your pool water.

The pH (the measurement of how acidic or basic the water is) and calcium depend on accurate and regular testing and maintenance. The pH of your water sets the condition of your pool and makes it clear and inviting.

The calcium level, or calcium hardness, is important for the longevity of your pool. Low levels can lead to corrosion of equipment and the surface of your pool. High levels can make your water cloudy and irritate skin.

How Often Should You Test Your Pool Water?

Water testing should be performed at the minimum of once a week, sometimes more often depending on the size and equipment you use to sanitize your pool.

Is There A Set Way To Test The Water?

Depending on your pool and the kind of equipment and chemicals you use, there are set methods of testing for each type.

No matter what equipment or chemicals you use, however, it is important the testing be done exactly correctly. It is also important that the testing be done on a reliable schedule, and that it is never skipped.

Skipping testing, or testing improperly, can cause you a myriad of issues both immediate and in the future. Protect the longevity of your pool equipment and surface, and also the health of yourself and others swimming there by testing properly and often.

What About Water Testing Kits?

There are many water testing kits available for self testing. These can be purchased online or in your local pool store.

Water testing kits may seem super simple to use and time saving, but no matter how easy they are advertised to be, understand that water testing is a sensitive procedure. It is extremely important not to skimp and “cheap out” on water testing supplies or services. If you are at all unsure or are unable to keep a tight schedule for pool maintenance, it might be better to contact a professional.

How Could A Professional Help Me?

A professional pool service can provide you with reliable and regular pool maintenance. A professional will undoubtedly know what levels your pool water will need to be at, and will be able to update and maintain proper levels. Weekly pool service can potentially save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

The professionals at Hersey Pool Service in Jacksonville FL have over a decade’s worth of experience in pool maintenance, including proper water testing. They can help you maintain all of your pool’s functions and ensure your pool water is safe, sanitary, and beautiful.

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