What Professional Pool Maintenance Can Do For You

Swimming Pool Jacksonville FLPool maintenance, specifically during the summer months when your pool gets the most use, is a pretty involved affair.

To keep your pool running properly, there are many tasks that need to be completed, and consistent maintenance needs to be performed.

Professional pool maintenance can offer you a lot of piece of mind. Knowing that your pool and every function of it are in good hands can take a lot off your shoulders.

Here is what professional pool maintenance can do for you:


Although there are some pools that do not use them, most pools use chemicals such as chlorine to keep them clean and sanitary. The sanitation of your pool is important to the life and health of not just your pool and equipment, but the life and health of yourself and other people swimming there.

Proper sanitation involves the use of chemicals and balancing the levels of those chemicals. During the summer months when weather is hotter and there are more people swimming, it is often recommended that you “shock” your pool at least once a week. Shocking your pool is basically adding extra chemicals to shock all of the germs and bacteria.

Sanitation focuses on the proper balance of chemicals. Too much can bother your eyes, skin, and lungs and be very unsafe. Too little leaves your pool at risk of germs and bacteria. A professional pool maintenance service will know just how and when to balance the chemicals in your pool to keep it perfectly level.


Aside from the sanitation of your pool, a professional pool service can help to ensure the safety of your pool. Not only can they balance the chemical levels in your pool while keeping the water safe and sanitary, but there are other maintenance tasks that could potentially be dangerous when done alone and without experience.

For example, the pump and filters are all mechanical parts. Working on them involves electricity, which means your safety could be at risk if you do not know what you are doing. A professional pool service will have the appropriate tools and knowledge to make repairs safely.


There’s just about nothing better than spending a hot summers day next to a refreshing, crystal clear pool. A dirty pool filled with murky water and debris isn’t exactly what you have in mind for summer fun.

Many pool maintenance tasks, such as properly cleaning filters, ensuring that the pump is running properly and regularly, skimming the pool, balancing the water chemicals, and scrubbing pool tiles are all tasks that can easily be forgotten or procrastinated. When these tasks are not performed regularly and consistently, your pool can turn from paradise to gross in the blink of an eye.

With a professional pool service, you can schedule each of these tasks to be done before your pool is ever at risk of looking anything but beautiful.

Hiring a professional pool service is really the most responsible thing you can do to take care of your pool during the summer months. Keep your pool sanitary and looking great, as well as keeping your friends and family safe, is worth it.

Call Hersey Pool Service in Jacksonville FL today and we will take care of that pesky maintenance for you!

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