Protect Your Pool From Winter Damage

Winterizing Pool Jacksonville FLWhy Winterizing Your Pool Is Necessary

It might feel a little sad to start putting away all of your pool equipment to get ready for the winterization process, but it is a necessary part of pool maintenance. You might also feel a little exasperated by the work, but you know better than anyone that owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibility. Just as there are lots of tasks and chores to complete during the summer to keep your pool clean and working properly, there are other year round tasks. Luckily, winterization only takes about a week and then, other than monitoring for signs of freeze damage, you are done until Spring.

Freeze Damage

The number one reason why winterization is so important is to protect against the damage of freezing water. The expansion that occurs when water freezes can apply enough force to actually crack the walls and foundation of your pool. The damage that freezing water can do to your pool equipment is a whole other story. Consider what happens when you have left a hose outside after using it and it freezes, the hose splits or bursts open because of the pressure. Winterization helps you prevent this kind of damage to your entire pool and equipment.

A big part of winterizing your pool is draining and drying out equipment such as pumps, heaters, and filters. It is also recommended that you lower the water level of your pool to below the skimmer mouth to allow for expansion, but draining your pool completely is not recommended at all. There are also floating devices that can help take some of the pressure off the walls of your pool when the water does freeze.

Scale Buildup and Corrosion

Winterization is also about keeping your pool sanitary to avoid major build up that can be hard to remove. This is why balancing the chemicals in your pool and completing a thorough cleaning of all equipment and the pool surfaces is a big part of winterizing your pool. If you don’t balance the chemicals for winter and clean everything thoroughly it could cause scale buildup and corrosion, which can be detrimental to the life and function of your pool and equipment.

When To Call A Professional

Many people choose to use a professional pool service to help them winterize their pools. Even people that typically do all of their routine maintenance themselves prefer to let a professional get their pool set up for winter. This is because it can be a lengthy and involved process and not everyone has as much time to devote to winterizing their pools. Also, many people feel that hiring a professional helps to ensure that the winterization process is done properly, thus giving them some insurance that their pool will have a long and healthy life.

If you have any questions or worries about winterizing your pool, give the professionals at Hersey Pool Service in Jacksonville FL a call. They have the experience to fulfill all of your pool service needs, and the knowledge to answer your toughest questions.

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