Year Round Pool Care

Year Round Pool Care Jacksonville FLKeep Your Pool Looking Great Year Round.

Just because your pool really only gets used during the summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take great care of it year round. In fact, the steps that you take to keep your pool functioning and looking great during the off seasons will help preserve the longevity of your pool. Not only that, but year round maintenance makes getting ready for summer a lot easier.


As the weather warms up and you get closer to swim season, there are some upkeep and maintenance tasks. First of all, you will need to do your spring chemicals to balance the water before summer arrives. If the area you live in gets a lot of pollen or other particles in the air that could clog the filters, you might consider putting a cover on the pool until it passes.


When summer arrives, it’s time to suit up and dive in, but not before you balance those chemicals on a regular basis. You also need to pay close attention to the filters and pump to make sure everything is clean and working properly. Since there are people in and out of the pool all summer, there is more chance for bacterial and debris to dirty up your pool. Regular maintenance can help you avoid any big problems and keep your pool running smoothly.


As the weather starts to cool, it is time to start thinking about the winterization process. This should be done as soon as possible, typically when the weather has cooled enough that you are no longer using the pool. Until you are ready to start that process, however, make sure you are regularly skimming the pool and removing all of those fallen leaves from the pool and filters.


If you haven’t winterized your pool already, you need to do so before any freezing weather sets in. When water freezes, it expands, which can cause some serious damage to hoses, pipes, all of your expensive pool equipment, and the pool walls as well. You certainly don’t want cracked pipes, burst hoses, and cracked and damaged walls in your pool.

To start the winterization process, you need to balance the chemicals in your pool. The entire pool, including the filters, equipment, and tiles need to be cleaned thoroughly. You will want to drain the pool so that the water levels are below the level of the skimmer, but do not empty the pool completely. All hoses, pipes, and other equipment need to be removed and drained completely of any water. Do not forget to remove the filter baskets, jet fixtures, and any other small parts. Then cover the pool with a winter pool cover to further protect your pool from debris, snow, and weather.

Year round maintenance is an important part of pool ownership. To keep your pool working smoothly and looking great, take care of your pool all year long. If you need help with maintenance, or if you just have questions, contact the professionals at Hersey Pool Service in Jacksonville FL. They have knowledgeable and experienced staff to help you with all of your pool service needs.

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